We’re a tech-savvy crew of experienced consultants, passionate about changing the world in the way we know best: by empowering and supporting impactful organizations like yours. This means you get a dedicated team that cares not just about your bottom line, but also your vision, your goals, and your reach.

As part of our commitment to helping nonprofits manage their financial health wisely, we also work hard to keep our own costs low. We have developed unique workflows and processes with the specific goal of minimizing overhead on our end, in order to maximize value on yours.

We may not be at the desk next to yours, but you can take comfort in knowing that the help you need is always a phone call away.

Executive Team

Leadership Team

Working with EAB Solutions allows us to grow and expand in ways we would have never been able to. Our overall budget has increased from $1m to almost $1.5m, which means we can deliver our services to even more people who need it.