How do you help a Community Youth Network with a massive burden managing budgets, funding, and compliance that was taking away from their real mission: to help transform lives in their community? That’s the challenge EAB Solutions faced when helping the Community Youth Network.

So what was the solution? We immediately jumped into action and took away the fear and stress by helping with a state audit. Next, we conducted a wholesale review of CYN’s spending, cash flow, debts, and more – leaving no stone unturned and looking for new opportunities to reduce costs, increase revenue, and capture funds.



  • Thrown into turmoil by departure of dedicated finance manager
  • Complex financial duties suddenly fall to CYN’s Executive Director
  • No time to spend on value areas such as fundraising
  • Findings from State agencies needed to be urgently resolved
  • Any mistakes could put the future of agency at risk


  • CYN brings EAB Solutions on board after glowing recommendation
  • Fear and stress taken out of reporting, auditing and other complex tasks
  • Comprehensive financial review leads to dramatic cost savings
  • New allocation methodology allows CYN to capture more revenue and reduce support service costs
  • Time and resources freed up to help agency expand


  • Review of vendors results in game-changing business savings of $32k/year
  • Funding allocation and compliance streamlined – meaning no more stress or missed deadlines
  • Budgets cleaned up and pay increases awarded to staff members 50%
  • New budget increase allows CYN to reach more families in need 26% decrease in debt ratio
  • Restructuring of loans saves $13k/year in interest
  • Renegotiation of corporate insurance saves $12k/year