EaB Solutions, Inc.

Human Resources for Non-Profits

human resourcesIf your non-profit organizations can't afford a dedicated human resources department and doesn't want to try to tackle these complex issues on your own, turn to EaB Solutions, Inc. We offer HR services specifically designed for non-profits so you can feel confident that we'll recognize and meet the demands of your particular organization. We understand that changing regulations can impact your organization and can guide you on how avoid HR compliance mistakes. We'll show you how to implement policies that will protect your non-profit organization from fines and prevent lawsuits.

Best of all, we're available whenever you need us to answer HR-related questions, consult with you on safety issues, and make recommendations on day-to-day best practices for the workplace. Contact us today at 312-967-6100 or request a consultation through our website to learn more about our the services we offer to non-profit organizations in the Northwest Chicago area.

Our HR services for non-profits include:

  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Benefits Management
  • Leadership Training
  • Executive Development
  • Personnel and Management Guidelines
  • Executive Talent Search and Hiring
  • Board Development
  • Workers' Compensation Insurance Compliance
  • State Unemployment Insurance Compliance

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