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Jumpstart Your Tech

When you choose EAB Solutions as your IT solution, we take a holistic approach to your needs by performing an infrastructure review.

What processes, tools (hardware/software), and expenses do you current have? Where can we introduce efficiencies by simplifying or automating tasks? How can we eliminate time-consuming manual data entry jobs, saving you time and money while also improving accuracy? What can we do to make your information more secure, improve connectivity and data accessibility, and protect your organization from certain risks?

If you haven’t already considered a move to cloud-based technology, this will likely be one of our top recommendations. Many nonprofits are hesitant to make the switch, given understandable concerns about compliance and security. Plus, they just don’t have the time.

But clinging to dated infrastructure is extremely costly, in terms of both time and money. It also means missing out on the many advantages cloud-based tech offers, like immediate software updates, a smaller (or nonexistent) data center footprint, and improved scalability, collaboration efficiency, business continuity, and mobility. (Just to name a few.)

Even if you’ve already embraced modern cloud technology, there are countless additional ways we can help expedite and streamline your workflows. And if you just need someone to “take care of” your IT needs – we can do that too.

We even help with:

  • Managed services
  • Technology environment audit
  • Infrastructure review and buildouts
  • Help desk solutions
  • Cloud based services
  • Technology leadership and planning

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“Working with EAB Solutions allows us to grow and expand in ways we would have never been able to. Our overall budget has increased from $1m to almost $1.5m, which means we can deliver our services to even more people who need it.”
Gail Weil
Executive Director
Community Youth Network

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