EaB Solutions, Inc.

Strategy Consulting

strategy consulting servicesNon-profit organizations may face complex challenges that can threaten sustainability and survival. EaB Solutions, Inc. offers expertise in strategy consulting designed to help non-profits achieve a balance between stewardship of their resources and effective development of charitable and business revenues.

EaB Solutions, Inc. understands that problems at a struggling non-profit organization often begin at the operational level. We develop targeted performance improvement strategies designed to reduce expenses and maximize resources for organizations. EaB Solutions, Inc. will help increase operational performance, stabilize cash flow, enhance internal controls and improve your financial position. We will provide the leadership, guidance and expertise that you need to fulfill your mission to serve the community.

Our strategy consulting services for non-profits include:

  • Board Development and Strategic Planning
  • Succession Planning
  • Operational Audits
  • Executive Search
  • Brand Identity Effectiveness and Development
  • Market Research and Development
  • Cause Related Marketing Programs

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