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Meet Our President & CEO

Christopher Egger President & CEO

Christopher Egger is a senior accounting professional in nonprofit operations and financial management with extensive experience developing long-term financial health and promoting fiscal compliance for numerous $250K – $40M organizations. Mr. Egger specializes in introducing technology-based solutions to organizations to increase efficiency and reduce errors, promoting optimally productive, financially sound nonprofit programs.

Mr. Egger is committed to helping nonprofit organizations realize their highest potential and impact more lives through strategic financial planning and smart technological solutions. His greatest personal wins are really his clients’ wins: the ability to expand services due to money savings or new grant opportunities, dramatic reductions in internal audit findings (one client saw an 85% reduction following implementation of Mr. Egger’s control system), and increased revenues and reserves due to new funding and restructuring measures (one client saw a 25% increase in reserves, another a 100% net income increase over a year).

Mr. Egger is known for his charismatic and compassionate, yet honest and forward, approach to nonprofit support. He enjoys taking the time to get to know client organizations inside and out, in order to prepare thoughtfully customized solutions to both existing and anticipated internal challenges. Mr. Egger has worked closely with a wide variety of funding organizations, including the US Department of Health and Human Services, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, the US Department of Education, The US Department of Labor, the National Endowment for the Arts, the Corporation for National & Community Services, and several other national and Illinois-based organizations. He holds extensive knowledge of multiple accounting and payroll systems, including QuickBooks, ADP, Zenefits, Payroll Processors, and Sure Payroll, as well as many of the leading HR, expense management, payment processing, and CRM systems.Mr. Egger is an active member of the Chicago community, and enjoys giving back to organizations all over Illinois. He currently serves as Treasurer on the Board of Director’s of Forward Momentum Chicago – a local youth, dance education organization. Outside the office, Christopher loves to travel and play volleyball.

“Working with EAB Solutions allows us to grow and expand in ways we would have never been able to. Our overall budget has increased from $1m to almost $1.5m, which means we can deliver our services to even more people who need it.”
Gail Weil
Executive Director
Community Youth Network

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