EAB Solutions has worked extensively with a wide variety of arts and cultural organizations, including theaters, museums, and community centers, and it is this experience that sets us apart from other accounting firms. Our team can help you develop or optimize workflows for tracking and reporting expenses and revenue, so you can confidently manage your current cash flow while preparing for the future.

In addition to our standard accounting and support services, we also help arts and cultural organizations in a number of unique ways:

  • Impairment and valuation of art and artifacts
  • Product and service cost/price analysis
  • Sales tax reporting
  • Rental revenue recognition and UBI reporting
  • Revenue and expense tracking by exhibit, production, or program
  • Support in meeting federal, state, and city funding requirements, such as that of the Illinois Arts Council Agency
  • Accurate reporting for complicated donations such as endowments or bequests

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Working with EAB Solutions allows us to grow and expand in ways we would have never been able to. Our overall budget has increased from $1m to almost $1.5m, which means we can deliver our services to even more people who need it.